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Book Review, Giveaway: Moments of Beauty by J.B. Heller

 Moments of Beauty

by J.B. Heller 


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Ugly. It's the only word to describe my upbringing.

It drove my need to capture every moment of beauty I could find. A glimpse of a mother’s love. A feather floating in the breeze. A ray of sunshine emerging on a rainy day.

And then there was her, Eliza Quinn, she signified everything I didn’t deserve. She showed me more beauty than I ever thought possible. And I took it all, despite knowing I was going to leave her, and never come back.

Leaving her five years ago was my biggest mistake and my greatest regret. Now I need to make amends. I thought leaving her was the hardest thing I’d ever have to do, but that was before I knew I had to win her back.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

I repeat the mantra I’ve been using since he left to remind myself of what I am.  You’re stronger than one boy.  You are a fucking dolphin in a sea full of catfish.  You’re a catch, damn it!

It’s not that I can’t imagine a future without him, it’s that I don’t want to.

I want to be with you, day in, day out.  And I will do whatever I need to in order for that to happen.  You’re it… you’re my one and only.  You always have been.  I’m not going anywhere without you, ever again.

My Review:

Written in my favorite dual POV, Moments of Beauty was a heart-squeezing and emotive tale that stole my breath.  I initially feared I had stumbled into YA, naughty YA, but as the characters were in high school, I began to worry.   Silly me!  I really should know better as I have read this delightfully talented author’s work before.  The storyline was relevant, well constructed, and entertaining, while the writing was poignant, engaging, and captivating.  I cherished and adored this endearing couple. 

Empress DJ


About JB Heller

I'm a regular Aussie chic, with a spunky husband and a few kids.
I've worked in many different fields, trying to find my niche. But nothing felt right until now. I have found my fit. I am passionate about reading as well as writing and I have gained some incredibly inspiring friends from this journey.
I write contemporary comedic romance with a bit of spice to keep things interesting.
I like to write fun, interesting characters that grab your attention from the very beginning.
I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoy writing them. X

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Book Review: THE LAST CHANCE MATINEE by Mariah Stewart


by Mariah Stewart




 March 21, 2017

Publisher: Gallery Books

Book 1 in the Hudson Sisters series

Look for Book 2 in 2018 and Book 3 in 2019!

Praise for The Last Chance Matinee:
“The combination of a quirky small-town setting, a family mystery, a gentle romance, and three estranged sisters is catnip for women's fiction fans, and the backdrop of the faded movie palace adds a fascinating element to the story. Stewart’s lively, warmhearted series starter [The Last Chance Matinee] will have readers eagerly awaiting the second installment.”

“A good read, with a nice blend of mystery, family drama, and romance. Readers will look forward to the next installment.”
—Library Journal

About The Last Chance Matinee:
From the New York Times bestselling author Mariah Stewart comes the first novel in her all-new series, which follows a trio of reluctant sisters who set out to fulfill their father’s dying wish and, in the process, discover the truth not only about their pasts but about each other—and themselves—in a way that will forever alter their futures.

When celebrated and respected Fritz Hudson passes away suddenly, he leaves a trail of Hollywood glory in his wake—and two separate families who never knew the other existed. Allie and Des Hudson are products of Fritz’s first marriage to Honora, a beautiful but troubled starlet whose life ended tragically. As his relationship with Honora was unraveling, Fritz was simultaneously falling in love on the Delaware Bay with New Age hippie Susa—but while Fritz adored Susa and fathered daughter Cara with her, he never quite managed to come clean about his West Coast Family.

Now Fritz is gone, and the three sisters are brought together under strange circumstances: there’s a large inheritance to be had, specifically one that could save Allie from her ever-deepening debt following a disastrous divorce; allow Des to open a rescue shelter for abused and wounded animals; and give Cara a fresh start after her husband left her for her best friend; but only if the sisters upend their lives and work together to restore an old theater that was Fritz’s obsession growing up in his small hometown in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains. Will the sisters come together to turn their father’s dream into a reality – and will they come away with far more than they bargained for?

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

Cara watched Joe take a bite of his burger and was tempted to whisper, ‘Moo,’ but thought maybe she’d pulled that chain enough for one day. 

I bought champagne to celebrate you.  He doesn’t matter.  You matter… We matter.  We deserve a chance, and this is where we begin.  You in?

I had the best time.  Joe is… The one I thought I’d never find.

My Review:

I enjoyed this engaging story from beginning to end.  The writing was entertaining, amusing, and lushly detailed.  While the storyline initially seemed a bit complicated, it was easy to follow and pleasurable to read.  Upon their father’s death, three women discover they have more family members than they realized - as Papa was a Rollin’ Stone.  According to the “ironclad” will, the three women were required to work together on an extensive and challenging restoration project with firm conditions and stipulations before they would earn their father’s large estate.  Their project required the sisters to relocate to a quaint little town in Pennsylvania, which sparked outrage for Allie - the snide LA diva sister, although she was always on the verge of outrage.  There was a large cast of interesting and vibrantly detailed characters, with each being delightfully unique, easily differentiated, and memorable.  My favorites being Joe - for his clever wit and patience, and Des for her thoughtful insights and gentleness.  All the characters intrigued me, although I would not want to spend one second of my time with the bitter drama llama Allie.  I hope Ms. Stewart is currently locked in her writing cave and banging out the next installment.

Empress DJ

About Mariah Stewart:

Mariah Stewart is an award-winning New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of numerous novels as well as several novellas and short stories. She lives with her husband and two rambunctious rescue dogs amid the rolling hills of Chester County, Pennsylvania, where she savors county life and tends her gardens while she works on her next novel. Visit her and follow her on and on Instagram @mariah_stewart_books.

Mariah Stewart’s separate series, the bestselling Chesapeake Diaries, has been a favorite with readers since 2010. The eleventh installment, The Chesapeake Bride, will publish August 29, 2017.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Cover Reveal: Beer Goggles Anthology


COMING APRIL 18th 2017 

Publisher  Limitless Publishing 
Designer  MG Book Covers and Designs
Photographer  Shauna Kruse
Model  Matthew Hosea

14 AUTHORS with 14 WTF moments after a night of drinking....

ALL PROCEEDS will be donated to ST. JUDE

The List by Alyson Santos
Not With You by D.Nichole King
Toasted by Shantel Tessier
Ten Too Many by A. m Hargrove
Oh Tequila by C.A. Harms
Shenanigans by Chelsea Camaron
Beauty and the Brown Noser by Evan Grace
Test Me by Molly Mclain
Sex, Alcohol and My Neighbor by Terri E. Laine
Oh Shit by Lacey Black
Strike Out by Jennifer Miller
Tattooed Redemption Alicia Rae
Have you ever had too much to drink?
The Guy in 3C by Cheryl McIntyre
Vikings by Sunniva Dee

Have you ever had too much to drink? 

Everyone knows hooking up with someone while under the influence is a bad idea. But…sh*t happens.

What did I do?

Who did I do?

Where are my keys…and my underwear?

Welcome to nights of not-so-innocent drinking gone awry. Find out where it all went wrong…so terribly wrong…

From sexy neighbors to embarrassing advances—and that person who you know for a fact wouldn’t be there in the first place had it not been for the alcohol. Remember or forget? It doesn’t matter—because either way, those nights can still follow you forever.

Truth be told, when the night is over and the beer goggles are off, some things can never be unseen.


Book Review, Giveaway: Forever Alabama by Susan Sands

Ben Laroux is a gorgeous and sexy complication she can’t afford, but also can't resist.

Alabama #3
Susan Sands
Releasing March 20th, 2017
Tule Publishing

Everybody loves local attorney and favorite son, Ben Laroux.  Well, at least everybody of the female persuasion–until he meets Sabine O'Connor. She loathes him and makes no secret of her feelings, even when he pours on his famous charm hoping to thank her for helping his family. Ben has never been told no, and if there's one thing he's never walked away from, it's a challenge.

Sabine hopes she’s finally found peace and safety in the small town of Ministry. She’s changed her name to escape her painful past and her shameful family secrets. Ben Laroux is a gorgeous and sexy complication she can’t afford, but also can't resist. However, when her past threatens to derail her present and future, Ben might be the only man she can trust.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

Jean-Claude Prudhomme deserved nothing from his former wife – except maybe a Taser to his testicles.

Fine.  But it doesn’t keep me from wishing for him to get exactly what he deserves.  Like someone throwing him naked on an anthill with peanut butter on his genitals.  You know, real justice.

I didn’t want you to think I was pining for you – I was, by the way.  Because every time I look at you, you reduce me to a horny fourteen-year-old boy who’s just gotten to second base for the first time.

My Review:

Sabine was a fraud, well, she was and she wasn’t Sabine, and she was and she wasn’t a fraud.  Not really.  Sabine and her devastated mother had changed their names and appearance and moved to a small town after their lives had imploded following a family scandal.  The premise was intriguing and interesting and Ms. Sands’s writing was engaging, amusing, and entertaining.  I enjoyed her humor and the lively and colorful descriptions she used in introducing each new character and location.  The characters were relatable and interestingly detailed, with my favorite being the new and improved Ben.  I cherished the man Ben evolved into after his rather painful personal epiphany.   Part of Sabine’s discomfort was that she knew and was keeping too many secrets.  Her own family’s secrets being the most deplorable, but as she had established herself as the leading therapist in the area, she also knew too much about many of the residents, and she had been forced to listen to and assist far too many women mooning over Ben to take him seriously.  Poor Ben.  My second favorite character was Sabine’s feisty mother, I adore seeing an older character blossom. 


Empress DJ

Start the Alabama Series for FREE

Susan Sands began writing on her fortieth birthday. Better than a hot young boyfriend or a red convertible as mid-life crises go. Her first Southern women’s fiction title, Again, Alabama, was published a mere eight years later, with the second, Love, Alabama, and her latest, Forever, Alabama, following closely behind. Growing up in a small town in Louisiana, Susan's passion for reading sparked her interest in writing. She now creates stories about the quirky characters and fascinating relationships that are uniquely Southern.

Susan holds a degree in elementary education and has lived in the Johns Creek/Alpharetta suburb of Atlanta with her husband and three children for over twenty years.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Book Review: Call Me Poppy by Avery Aster

 Call Me, Poppy 
by Avery Aster 

Genre: New Adult 

book blurb

"Don't tell my besties this juicy tidbit: I don't know him at all. It's like Yves Remy has no past. He refuses to tell me where he's from. My friends Taddy, Lex, Blake, and Vive think he's just been released from prison. Determined to find out just who this orgasm-inducing, hung, inked, muscled bad boy with the deep French accent that makes my insides melt into liquid buttah is--I'm doing my own sleuthing.

Remy makes all of my erotic fantasies come true. First, it was in the way he kissed me: intense Frenching. Then, it was how he took ownership over my body and laid claim to every inch of my virginal flesh as he dominated me into the kinkiest submission scenarios imaginable. Lately, he's been giving me Cartier jewelry and telling me how to dress: in Chanel. Yes, I love a man who takes control and knows what he wants. Who doesn't? But this is cray-cray. Where does his money come from? I don't know him at all.

The Manhattanites suspect Yves is the thief who broke into my dorm room a few months ago and stole my diaries. Uh-huh. I bet he's been reading them, too. How else would he know to do all the things that drive me wild? I have to put an end to these sex games he's playing because I'm afraid something bad might happen. Should I call the police and tell them I know who the infamous college campus burglar is? But, damn, his body is just too frickin' good. WTF am I gonna do?" --Poppy White, college junior, talk show host, and Steeler's Fan.

Most girls in this situation, I imagine, would naturally whip around to get a good look at him, then start firing off questions like, “What school do you go to?” and twirling their hair.

Not me.

I couldn’t give a flip. I just wanna freakin’ dance.

I press my backside against his crotch, teasing him, shaking my thang, then lift my hand up in the air to show that I’m having a blast.

All of a sudden, his hands, big and strong, come down over my bare shoulders, sending a pulsating charge through my body that causes every inch of my flesh to tingle.

“Bonsoir,” he mutters in my ear in a deep baritone voice. I whirl around to face him.

“You’re French?”

“Qui.” He turns around, showing me his backside and hiding his face.

“Ohhhh. Two can play at this game, buddy.” Thinking I’m all male and stuff, I get right up behind him, slide my hands into his front pockets, and press myself against him.

He laughs and mutters some words that I don’t understand.

I giggle too, wishing I had paid better attention in French class. I couldn’t stand my teacher in high school, Madame Boulanger. The woman hated me, said I’d never amount to much in life unless I learned French. I’d argued that I’d originally wanted to learn Spanish, but that class was full, so was stuck with Madame Boulanger.

We move to the music, finishing the song.

Just as he’s about to turn, I release my hands and do the same. Slowly I walk over to the far wall. He follows, our hips meshed together as one.

“Are you going to tell me your name?” I ask, glaring up at him in utter fascination.

“No, mademoiselle.”

Oh God. This is crazy hot.

We’re in the dark, so I can’t see him very well, but I have to look, at least to see if he has a nice face or not. To be honest, with that accent, he could resemble Herman Munster and I’ll still be turned on by him. I mean, from what I can tell he’s gotta be 6’4. Ohhh, and those hands. They look like football player hands. You know, the kind that can rip your panties of in one fell swoop.

I put my fingers up to his lips.

He bites playfully down on them and wraps his arms around me.

“Kiss me,” I mutter.

He leans down and plants one on my lips. First slow and tender, but as the heat between us becomes scorching hot, his tongue goes deeper as if fucking my face with it. Oh. My. God. In. Out. He nibbles on my bottom lip. Presses me closer to him, tongue diving deeper. His hands cradle my skull.

Fuck. Yes. Now. Take me now. Please.
I take his left hand with my right and edge my skirt up around my waist. Leaning my body onto his, his fingers find their way to my pussy lips. He squeezes them, gently at first, then firmly.

I’m going to be soaking wet. Yup. Any second now. Buckets galore.

“Feel good, mademoiselle?”

“Yes. Finger me. Please.” Turning around, I face the wall. His lips nuzzle at my ears. His hands are up my skirt, his fingers playing with my clit.
“Je serai poète et toi poésie.”

“I'll be a poet, and you'll be poetry,” I repeat his words back in English, the French coming back to me.

Thank you, Madame Boulanger!

God. The mere sound of them makes me wet. Literally.

He pulls his finger out and licks it. “Bien.” Then shoves two deep inside me.

“You’re tight, mademoiselle.” His firm cock, concealed in his jeans but seemingly ready to bust loose at any minute under that zipper, presses against my ass.

Gyrating my hips and taking his hands, I pant, “Oh God. I’m going to come. Tell me your name. Please.”

“Yves,” he mutters, whipping me around to face him. His mouth hovers over mine. “Come while I kiss you.”

And so I do. I come like I’ve never come before: in the dark, in a nightclub, in a stranger’s arms.

The music is a muffled bass in my ears as he holds me tight. My legs feel weak. I’m soaking wet. I bite down on my tongue as the final wave of the orgasm rocks through me. Squinting my eyes shut tight, bright colors burst behind my eyelids.

Everything is going in slow motion. That is until I hear a familiar voice shouting for me.

My Rating:

Favorite Quotes:

He deserved to be abducted.  After all, he did lose a hundred thousand dollars of Jimmy’s money.  Left the bag on money on the subway and got off at the next stop to talk to a girl.  Total airhead.  Maybe it was just nerves.  Colton wasn’t cut out for a career in crime. 

Scientology scares the crap outta me.  No, thank you.  I like my Jesus just where he is, in Heaven.  Not on some spaceship with L. Ron Hubbard.

My Review:

I adore Avery Aster’s clever wit and snarky humor, his naughty and feisty Manhattanites never fail to entertain and lift my spirits.  This was quick and amusing little treat.  I enjoyed getting to know Poppy and a little about Thor.  Each and every member of this odd collection of characters is uniquely quirky and indelibly etched in my memory.  

Empress DJ

meet the author

New York Times bestselling author Avery Aster pens The Manhattanites, a contemporary erotic romance series of full-length, stand-alone novels, and the naughty new adult prequel companion series The Undergrad Years. Join Avery's newsletter and get a FREE ebook!

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Book Review, Giveaway: The Paper Year: A Psychological Thriller With An Ending You'll Never See Coming (Piper Adler Book 1) by Avery Aster

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Book Title: The Paper Year: A Psychological Thriller With An Ending You'll Never See Coming (Piper Adler Book 1) 
Author: Avery Aster 
Genre: Psychological Thriller 
Release Date: March 16, 2017 
Hosted by: Book Enthusiast Promotions


book blurb

For fans of The Girl on the Train, Before I Go to Sleep, and The Silent Wife, the new psychological thriller from New York Times bestselling author Avery Aster warns readers: the first year of marriage is killer.

Barclay is Manhattan's premiere cooperative—the kind of place everyone who's anyone desires to reside in. That's what psychotherapist Piper Adler believes as she moves into the garden apartment with her new husband, but then she wakes up in a hospital accused of trying to take her own life. Her dreams of being a wife and mother destroyed along with her career as a mental health professional, she sets off on a mind-bending course to discover the truth.

Unraveling a web of deceit forces Piper to second-guess her family, her friends, and even herself. With each terrifying revelation, she must come to terms with the fact that those she thought she knew aren't who they seem, and someone trusted very close to her wants her gone. Will she beat them at their own game or die trying?

Fusing nail-biting suspense with potent storytelling, THE PAPER YEAR will keep you on the edge of your seat with an unforgettable cast of characters who are compelled to do the unthinkable to survive.


I shout for help, hoping someone, anyone, hears me.

Everyone is gone. They heeded the warning and left hours ago.

Glancing down at the watch my husband gave me when we first married, I notice the time: ten minutes to eight. I’m fucked.

Any minute now the demolition crew will blow this basement into a gazillion pieces. I imagine my body combusting like an overcooked dinner that had been left in the microwave for far too long on the highest power. My arms would be found somewhere on FDR Drive. My legs would smack the roof of a nearby cab. I thought about my dentist, Dr. Sabbagh, having to identify my skull using dental records. And my mother in Westchester; I can already hear her saying, “I told Piper she should’ve never gotten married to someone as good-looking as Boden Adler.”

My hands, cut and bloody from fighting while trying to defend myself, start to shake uncontrollably. Reaching for the edge of the cage that I’m locked into, I throw myself onto the mesh metal with every ounce of energy left inside me, praying the door comes loose.

Locked from the other side, it doesn’t budge.

Fear pounds in my heart, blood thumps through my ears. The fluorescent lights that have given me hope like a warm blanket for the last hour fade to darkness.

Exhausted, I surrender, collapsing onto the cold cement floor.

“You got your chance. You should’ve left when I told you,” the voice yells from the top of the stairs. “Goodbye.”

Never in a million years did I think I’d die like this.

My Rating:

Favorite Quote:

I may be a lot of bad things – codependent, argumentative, a know-it-all, jellybean junkie, chatty, slightly entitled, overeducated, emotionally distant at times, a label whore with a serious handbag obsession – but a liar isn’t one of them.

My Review:

Much like the first bite of your favorite cheesecake, The Paper Year was a tasty nibble that managed to whet my appetite for a bigger slice.  It was a quick and engaging first installment with an entertaining and intriguing story and an active storyline that cast suspension all about.  Populated with enticing characters and promising great potential for future adventures with the diverse collection of residents of the Barclay Co-op.   

Empress DJ

meet the author

New York Times bestselling author Avery Aster pens The Manhattanites, a contemporary erotic romance series of full-length, stand-alone novels, and the naughty new adult prequel companion series The Undergrad Years. Join Avery's newsletter and get a FREE ebook!
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